"The problems we currently face can't be solved at the level of thinking that created them"

Albert Einstein
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What 's the best way to learn Python💯💥

Python was voted the 4th easiest language to learn behind HTML, C and JavaScript, and I'm going to tell you why.

Programming is a very important skill, and many people want to get in on it.
When you begin programming, it is very important to choose a simple programming language to get discouraged.
Now we come to python, Python is a high-level programming language and it is probably the easiest programming language
to start programming with because of its easy syntax, its easy readability(The way it is written is very similar to the way we
humans write so that makes it very easy) also, python is an all in one language, which means you can do virtually everything
with it; make websites, make apps and build artificial intelligence and this is because python has a lot of libraries(A library is
a collection of code which makes building things easier, imagine building a house a library will give you the pillars, the roof,
the walls and the doors all you have to put in is the paint, the tiles and the stuff)
Python was installed approximately 16 million times on windows and 1 million times on MAC just last year alone! From what I've said above you shouldn't be too surprised by the statistics.
Now we've discussed why python is really essential for programmers especially beginners let's talk about the best ways to learn python.

This is probably the best way to learn python, PDFs are good for learning because they give the feeling of actually using
a textbook and they allow you to go back and forth easily and they're free and of course, don't require any internet access.
Now there are a lot of PDFs out there that teach python but the best out there(for me) is "Automate the Boring Stuff with Python" by AL Sweigart
this PDF gives a very good introduction to python and it's interesting because they give you projects to build at the end of each chapter, which makes use of what you learned in that chapter and the past chapters as well.

Solo learn is a platform that teaches people how to code in several languages, including C, C#, JavaScript, Kotlin, Swift, and python.
They also offer courses in Machine Learning, Data science and algorithms.
They have a vibrant community that helps answer questions on complex programming concepts, the platform also offers a playground for coders to test run their code, It also provides rankings for users according to their countries.
Solo learn courses characteristically introduce simple concepts before the hard ones.
Their python course is sectioned into 3; beginner, intermediate and complex which helps them introduce new coders into the language.
They also have a course for those who want to be on the fast lane called python core which introduces all of python's concepts in a nutshell.
Another cool thing about solo learn is... they give out certificates!

YouTube has become the go-to place for everything from learning how to write 1-100 to build rockets.
And of course yes they are also a great way for you to learn python there are 31 million youtube channels so you have a lot of options to choose from,
but I'm going to give you two particular ones which are very good and well run;

This is a channel that offers full courses in different tech-related items from AI, cloud infrastructure
and IOTs to web development and they offer them for free,
and yes they also give courses on python and they also give a course on python's libraries too.

Simplilearn does almost the same thing EDUEKA does the only difference is they also give you the
chance to take courses on their website where they give certificates.

These options are not the only ones out there but they are the most popular ways, feel free to find a method that works for you.

Edem Gold.